Door Controller Card with Motor

Door Control Board for 220 VAC Synchronous Motor Telescopic Lift Doors

  • Door fully open / fully closed
  • Door jam or photocell active output
  • Relay contact output. For 3A, 250VAC or 30VDC
  • Door open / close signal
  • Slow signal / fast signal
  • Photocell signal
  • Ground signal
  • KM-30S door card is suitable for use on fire lift doors
  • With slow speed signal input, the photocell signal is blocked in long time photocell cutting and the doors are closed at slow speed (Nudging mode)
  • Door speed, door position and operating status in normal operation, and error in case of normal operation

General Features


  • Input Supply Voltage -> 220 VAC ± %10
  • Feed Protection -> Fuse Protected (2A)
  • Standard Interface -> 2 Rows, 16 Character LCD Screen, 4-Button Set, Optional External LCD Interface
  • Dimensions (mm) -> Without Box: 275 x 105 x 21 (Width x Height x Height) With Box: 310 x 112,6 x 30 (W x L x W)
  • Motor Voltage -> 220 VAC
  • Language Options -> Turkish and English
  • Audible Warning -> With the Buzzer
  • Other -> 1 Spare Input

KM-30 S Card System Usage Advantages

  • Serious and Irregular -> The advanced software softens the S in the navigation ramps and permits smooth but smooth movements of the door movements with no limit switch-free algorithm
  • No Limit Switch Required -> The door operator does not need a limit switch for operation. Door width, door open-close positions are detected automatically
  • Possible Door Jam -> When the door is jammed, the buzzer is turned back on. The jamming is passed slowly through the perceived zone to prevent damage to the passengers and the door
  • Delegation -> In terms of security, necessary needs and ease of setup, access to the menu has been authorized. Different levels of authority have been assigned to access the menu: producer level, basic level and restricted level
  • Wide Parameter Capability -> For manufacturers, parameters such as motor reduction ratio, engine revolutions, drive pulley circumference, spoon opening zone, etc. can be entered for application flexibility
  • User Settings -> For user settings, defined speed settings in centimeters per second and defined ramp paths in centimeters can be specified
  • Counter Support -> Operation of the door can be monitored by the on/off counter
  • Various Output Signals -> The door can be fully opened, completely closed, and can output jammed output signals to operate the control panels fully integrated
  • Keyboard -> All system parameters can be adjusted using the KM-30S keypad
  • Reduction Option -> 220V BLDC control with or without door gear reducer
  • Other Features
    Engine Type Max. 200W
    Engine Output Power 0,65 A (Nominal)
    Motor Control Shape Vector Control
    Engine Protection Overloading and Short Circuit Protection
    Encoder Type 3 Channel Incremental Encoder
    Encoder Voltage 5 VDC
    Resolution 100-2048 pals Model
    Door Width 50 - 300 cm
    Door Speed 20 cm/sn – 99 cm/sn
    Door Speed (Slow) 5 cm/sn – 30 cm/sn

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